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Arrest Histories of Adolescent Male Domestic Violence Offenders in New York City, Final Report

NCJ Number
Richard R. Peterson Ph.D.
Date Published
January 2011
75 pages
This report examines domestic violence arrest history of adolescent males in New York City (NYC).
This report examines arrests for domestic violence of, adolescent males to examine the potential for early intervention by the criminal justice system, building on a previous study which found that young males age 16 to 24 arrested for domestic violence already had a history of domestic violence. Nearly 30 percent had been arrested for domestic violence in the prior 2 years. Results indicate that while arrests for domestic violence offenses are relatively rare among male juveniles (under the age of 16) in NYC, a history of juvenile arrests for domestic violence increases the likelihood of adult arrests for domestic violence; adolescent males who had been arrested for parent/sibling violence as juveniles were no more likely to be arrested for intimate partner violence as adults than juveniles who had been arrested for other types of domestic violence; and there are some opportunities for intervention with first-time adolescent male DV arrestees in New York City. Early intervention with this group has the potential for a large return on investment. If effective programs can be found, it may be possible to significantly reduce the incidence of domestic violence over the lifetimes of these adolescent males. New programs for adolescent male DV offenders would have to be established without clear evidence about what types of interventions are appropriate and effective. Programs should be accompanied by rigorous outcome evaluations, so that they can be refined, re-designed, or even ended, depending on the evaluations result. Tables, figures, references, and appendixes