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Aryans Interrupted: The Aryan Nations, Long a Top Neo-Nazi Group, Is Homeless, Split, Accused of Blackmail, and in Jeopardy of Irrelevance

NCJ Number
Intelligence Report Issue: 106 Dated: Summer 2002 Pages: 6-10
Mark Potok
Date Published
5 pages
This article describes the apparent demise but possibility for resurgence of the neo-Nazi group, the Aryan Nations.
In 2001 the Aryan Nations group was forced to give up its 20-acre Idaho headquarters compound in order to pay $6.3 million in damages awarded by an Idaho jury, in a lawsuit brought by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Leadership disputes abound within The Aryan Nation organization, with competing Web sites and white supremacist groups lining up on one of two sides. The Aryan Nations chapters that still survive are split between the rival factions of Richard Butler, on his land in Pennsylvania, and Harold Ray Redfeairn and August Kreis, on Kreis' land in Ohio. Both groups vow to reconstitute the movement. In Pennsylvania, 650 locals signed a full-page ad in the local newspaper supporting tolerance after Butler visited there. Furthermore, at the last rally convened by Butler, on Hitler's Birthday, and which was attended by only a dozen supporters, his luggage got lost at the airport, his car reservations were lost, and the cab driver refused to give him a lift to the rally.


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