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ATM Security

NCJ Number
W Ditzel; R Roseberg; J Walpin
Date Published
0 pages
Intended primarily for bank managers responsible for bank security procedures, tellers responsible for servicing automatic teller machines (ATM's), bank security officers, and designers of ATM offsite facilities, this film portrays step-by-step security procedures for banks to follow in servicing ATM's and comments on facility design features that enhance security for customers and bank employees.
Although the film deals primarily with security procedures to counter robbery at ATM's, other types of security problems are noted: consumer claims against ATM's, vandalism, consumer fraud, and employee fraud. A video camera is suggested as one means of addressing various security problems at the ATM site. The discussion of security procedures for bank personnel to follow in servicing offsite ATM's begins with the dramatization of the robbery of a bank teller and security officer at an offsite ATM. Flawed security procedures that made the bank employees vulnerable to the robbery are noted, and recommended security procedures are then dramatized. They include such recommendations as (1) varying the routes and time of day when scheduling teams for ATM servicing, (2) developing a specific procedure for employees to follow when servicing ATM's, (3) having servicers travel in teams of two or more, and (4) establishing a code call signal that can be made from the ATM facility to alert central security to danger. Design features of ATM facilities that can enhance security for both servicing personnel and customers include the placing of offsite facilities in busy public areas, ensuring the area is well lighted, and planning and maintaining landscaping that will make it difficult for robbers to conceal themselves near the facility.