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Audit of the Office of Justice Programs DNA Backlog Reduction Grants Awarded to the Union County Prosecutor's Office, Union County, New Jersey

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Date Published
May 2017
31 pages
The findings and methodology are presented for the U.S. Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General's audit of the Office of Justice Programs' (OJP's) grants for DNA backlog reduction awarded to the Union County (New Jersey) Prosecutor's Office (UCPO).
UCPO was awarded $1,425,660 under grant numbers 2012-DN-BX-0044 and 2013-DN-BX-0100 for the purpose of reducing DNA testing turn-around time, so as to reduce the backlog of DNA samples awaiting processing. As of January 25, 2016, UCPO had drawn down $1,168,918 of the grant funds awarded. The audit's objectives were to determine whether costs claimed under the grants were allowable, supported, and in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, and the terms and conditions of the grant, as well as to determine whether the grantee demonstrated adequate progress toward achieving program goals and objectives. The following areas of grant management were assessed in the audit: grant expenditures, drawdowns, reporting, financial management, budget management and control, and program performance. The audit concluded that UCPO generally appropriately managed most of the grant funds reviewed; however, it needed to make improvements in its controls and ensure adherence to established policies and procedures so as to fully comply with grant management requirements. The audit identified $48,087 in questioned costs related to grant expenditures. In addition, the auditors were unable to use UCPO's performance data to assess its progress toward the grant objectives. In addition, the National Institute of Justice changed the performance data requirements for its DNA Backlog Reduction Program. Eight recommendations are directed to OJP for the purpose of addressing issues identified in the audit. 2 tables and appended audit methodology description, schedule of dollar-related findings, and the UCPO's and OJP's response to the audit's draft report