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Bail Enforcer: The Advanced Bounty Hunter

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B Burton
Date Published
This training manual for bail enforcement agents ("bounty hunters") describes techniques for finding and arresting defendants who have violated the bail contract.
This is a followup to the book, "Bounty Hunter," which instructs prospective bail enforcement agents in the basic tasks of the profession. The current book describes more subtle and sophisticated techniques for increasing the effectiveness of investigations and arrests. One chapter covers only the proper clothing to wear when attempting to make contact with bail fugitives or make arrests under various circumstances. Clothing must achieve the two objectives of not alerting the fugitive to the agent's identity in the course of the investigation and preventing the agent's misidentification by police officers in the course of an arrest. Other advice covers the obtaining of an arrest contract. The book also describes investigative techniques, including surveillance tips, and how to work with local, State, and Federal police and records. Advice on arrest procedures covers the hazards of weapons and the use of deadly force, frisking and cuffing techniques, and how the agent can avoid being misidentified and arrested by public police. The text includes photographs of and anecdotes from the author's thousands of arrests as a bail enforcement agent. Appended forms for use by bail enforcement agents, legal studies that document relevant court precedents, and 5 additional readings