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Bank Robbery

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Training is provided to bank employees on how they should act during and after a robbery to aid police investigators.
The training aims at increasing safety by reducing panic reactions and at improving the collection of evidence. Employees are urged to be calm, polite, and cooperative while avoiding comments or sudden movements that might upset the robber. Furthermore, they are asked to assume that all robbers are armed and dangerous. Suggestions for aiding subsequent police investigations include attempting to keep the demand note while handling it as little as possible (to preserve fingerprints), including bait money (with registered serial numbers) among money given to the robber, and activating the alarm and camera if possible. In addition, employees are encouraged to observe the robber's facial features and height (using markers or objects in the bank). If more than one robber is present, employees are asked to concentrate on the nearest one. To aid in the description of weapons, a number of guns are briefly described. After the offender has left the bank, employees are encouraged to lock the doors, observe the mode of departure from inside, call the police, and protect any evidence. Suspect description forms should be filled out immediately. No supplementary materials are provided.


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