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Best Police Force in the World Will Not Bring Down a High Crime Rate in a Materialistic Society

NCJ Number
International Journal of Police Science and Management Volume: 11 Issue: 1 Dated: Spring 2009 Pages: 1-7
Yik Koon Teh
Date Published
7 pages
This study compared crime causes in America and Malaysia.
For the crime rate to decline, it is not enough to have just better policing. There must also be a need to have changes in the cultural and structural conditions so that criminal behavior is not encouraged. Specifically, there should be a balance between economic progress and social progress, such as lowering the unemployment rate and redressing inequality in society. Noted is that crime reduction in American would result from policies that strengthen social structure and weaken the criminogenic qualities of American culture. Cultural regeneration or modification in the “American Dream” would promote and sustain institutional change and reduce cultural pressures for crime. In Malaysia, with its Vision 2020, similar to the American Dream, many of its citizens have adopted individualistic, self-centered and materialistic behavior, and have no qualms about making quick profits legally as well as illegally; the illegal behavior adds to the crime index. Since the notion of monetary success and materialism has already been embedded into Malaysian culture, the increasing crime trend is similar to that experienced in America. If cultural and structural conditions in Malaysia are not adjusted and corrected, the best police force in the world will not be able to help the country reduce its crime rate. Instead, the crime rate will continue to increase further. 1 table and 10 references