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Better Regulation-A Critical Assessment

NCJ Number
Jyrki Tala, Auri Pakarinen
Date Published
378 pages
This publication consists of proceedings from the second International Conference on Legislative Studies held on March 1-2, 2010 in Helsinki, Finland.
This conference assessed the merits and drawbacks of different "better regulation" activities and examined new ideas for improving the quality of legislation on law-drafting. In addition to lectures by a list of prominent key note speakers, there were four workshop sessions divided into themes; this article collection follows the original division of workshops. The first section concerns fundamental questions on political power and the origins of legislation: Social Norms, Culture, and Better Regulation; Theoretical Reflections on the Principled Regulatory Strategy On the Conditions of Rationality in Law-Making; Conflict and Consensus in Parliaments; Who Regulates the Food Business?; and Self-regulation in Global Value Chain. Articles in the second section compare alternative regulatory instruments like traditional command and control regulation and self-regulation: Could EU-level Regulatory Private Interest Organizations Promote or Discourage Harmonization of Consumer Law in the EU?; How Are the Economic Rights of Cohabitants Best Protected?; Towards an Analysis of the Problem of Excessive Pricing; and Legislative Techniques and ICT in the Wake of Law Keeping Pace with Technology. The third section reviews impact assessment and measurement of administrative burden: Impact Assessment in the Multi-Level Context of the European Union; Measuring and Reducing Administrative Costs as an Instrument for Realizing Better Regulation in Europe; Administrative Costs of Enterprises; and Utilization of Legal Monitoring in Law-drafting. The final section examines whether the goals of national competitiveness and "better regulation" can be combined: Developing Consumer protection of Air Passengers with Reduced Mobility in the EU; Compensatory Fines Imposed by the Finish Labor Court to Local Trade Unions; Instrument for Better Regulation; Essential Facilities Doctrine; and National IP Strategies. Tables, figures, and references