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Buffalo Veteran's Court and Veterans Mentor Handbook

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Date Published
35 pages
This document is the handbook for the Buffalo, NY, Veterans Treatment Court, a specialized court established to meet the serious needs of veterans involved with the criminal justice system.
The Buffalo, NY, Veterans Treatment Court was established in January 2008 to meet the specialized and serious needs of veterans involved with the criminal justice system. Veterans returning from war are a unique population with different needs that cannot always be addressed by traditional criminal justice system methods. Traditional community services offered to offenders are not always adequate for dealing with veterans, their families, and their unique experiences. The Veterans Treatment Court links individuals with service providers who either share or understand the unique experience of military life, military service, and the needs that may arise from this situation. The first section of the handbook presents information on the issues and problems facing veterans, such as alcohol and substance abuse, homelessness, strained relationships, unemployment, mental health problems, and co-occurring disorders. The handbook also discusses the need for a specialized veteran's treatment court, providing detailed information on the key components of the Buffalo Veterans Treatment Court. The second section of the handbook discusses the Veterans Mentoring Program, and the duties and responsibilities of veteran mentors. The third section of the handbook examines the policies and procedures of the Veterans Mentoring Program. The final section of the handbook includes contact information for members of the Buffalo Veterans Treatment Court.