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Building Security in Southern Africa: An Update on the Evolving Architecture

NCJ Number
Jakkie Cilliers
Date Published
November 1999
94 pages
This is an overview, update, and cursory analysis of formal security relationships in Southern Africa.
With the end of the Cold War, regional politics have emerged as more salient features of the international order; regional conflicts are now more likely to stay regional. Regional politics have not replaced international relations, but the changed context has opened up a more complex relationship between a region such as Southern Africa and the rest of the world. Regions differ and need to be treated differently, but they cannot be separated. The monograph traces the evolution from the former Front-Line States alliance to the Organ on Politics, Defense and Security, including the Inter-State Defense and Security Committee and the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperating Organization. It also reviews bilateral treaties, agreements and related issues, points out the more obvious legal and practical challenges that will need to be overcome in the short term if the region is to progress towards establishing a cooperative security community and offers a number of recommendations in this regard. Figures, notes