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Bureau of Victims' Services: Victims Compensation and Victims Rights Services Annual Report Fiscal Year 1998/99

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109 pages
This report presents an overview of the activities and accomplishments for the Victims Compensation Division and the Victim Services Division under Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Victim Services for fiscal year 1998-1999.
Highlights of activities and accomplishments under the Victims Compensation Division include: (1) the total number of victim compensation claims received were 2,256 with 2,281 accepted for eligibility and 1,754 approved for payment; (2) the total awards paid (by type of benefit) in compensation totaled $5,000,183.44 with the highest hospital fees at the top with $1,540,475.80 followed by funeral expenses, physician fees, and loss of earnings; (3) the highest compensation awards claims were for assaults with 1,151 claims totaling $3,210,239.02 followed by homicide claims with 471 claims totaling $1,150,973.76; and (4) the Outreach and Training section achieved its goal of establishing a partnership with victim service professionals who provide compensation claims assistance to victims of crime. Highlights of activities and accomplishments under the Victims Services Division include: (1) passing of the Older Adults Protective Services Act (Act 13 of 1997) requiring institutional caregivers to report suspected cases of elder abuse; (2) passing of the Domestic Violence Health Care Response Act (Act 115 of 1999) supporting further development of domestic violence medical advocacy within the Commonwealth; (3) the establishment of the Accreditation, Certification, and Training (ACT) Subcommittee to review and make recommendations regarding professional standards, certification, and accreditation applying to the victim services field; (4) establishment of the STOP Violence Against Women Training Task Force in 1998; and (5) the development of the Crisis Response Network Task Force in 1999. Both the Victims Compensation Division and the Victim Services Division under the Bureau of Victims’ Services have grown in size and scope, offering assistance in the form of financial support to victims of crime in Pennsylvania, as well as the victim service agencies that aid them.