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Burglary Investigation Manual

NCJ Number
J Culloton; R Lombardo; C Stoll
Date Published
268 pages
This manual suggests procedures and methods which can aid in the detection and arrest of burglary offenders.
Three elements in the investigation are amphasized: the response to the initial call for action, the request for the coordinated resources of the police departments toward the solution of the crime, and the report. One section discusses the preliminary investigation and considers, among other things, isolating and securing the scene of the burglary, parking the police vehicle, arresting at the scene of the crime, building search procedures, interviewing the victim, the duties of the evidence technician and the mobile crime lab unit, and preliminary investigation reporting. Another section describes followup investigations the functions of the Burglary Section, and the elements in the followup response. These include interviewing the victim, the preliminary investigator, the arresting officer, and witnesses; interrogating the suspect; examining the scene of the crime; linking the suspect with the crime; recovering property; coordinating police activities; and preparing the supplemental case report. In a final section, report preparation procedures are illustrated through sample reports for a factitious burglary case. An appendix contains additional sample reports, an investigator's check list, a guide to the major crime report, copies of related training bulletins, additional suggestions for investigations, copies of general and special orders, and information on the Illinois Credit Card Act. A reference list and an index are not included.