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Bushfire Arson Prevention Handbook

NCJ Number
Jessica Anderson
Date Published
April 2010
40 pages
This handbook, along with worksheets, assists in the development of bushfire arson (BFA) prevention strategies drawing on current crime prevention knowledge about factors that lead to BFA.
This handbook was created for use by local organizations, particularly fire agencies and law enforcement when developing community-based bushfire and bushfire arson (BFA) prevention strategies. It is intended to assist in the development of BFA prevention strategies that take into consideration the local context, including issues such as stakeholder engagement, measuring success, and how to structure BFA prevention activities using crime prevention theory. The handbook is divided into two sections: a summary of how to develop and implement a BFA prevention project and a series of resource worksheets that can be used to document and plan the project. The handbook outlines seven key elements in project development: 1) establishing local coordination between police and fire agencies; 2) identifying the BFA threat; 3) getting stakeholders involved; 4) deciding what should be done about the BFA threat (choosing objectives that address the key problems, deciding on projects that address the objectives, and choosing indicators that measure whether the objectives have been achieved; 5) planning project implementation; 6) developing the evaluation plan for the project; and 7) putting the project into action and revisiting the various elements when necessary. References and worksheets