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NCJ Number
T Behan
Date Published
229 pages
Over the past 20 years, the Camorra of Naples and the surrounding region has risen to a level of strength rivaling that of the Sicilian Mafia.
The history of the Camorra is traced from its inception to the present day. The author notes the extent of the Camorra's influence fluctuated until the 1970s, although it was always an organization with a close relationship to politicians in the region. Since the mid-1970s, new and more powerful forms of the Camorra have developed. For example, Raffaele Cutolo's "mass Camorra" of unemployed youth specializes in protection rackets, Lorenzo Nuvoletta's "business Camorra" reinvested drug money into construction following the 1980 earthquake, and Carmine Alfieri's "political Camorra" has become extremely profitable through its ability to obtain public sector contracts. The operation of the Camorra is detailed with respect to territorial control, membership, intimidation and extortion, illegal gambling, usury, public sector contracts, trade in cigarettes and drugs, and money laundering. International links of the Camorra are noted, as well as criminal politics that facilitate Camorra operations and steps that can be taken to prevent organized criminal activity. Notes and tables