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Canadian Criminal Justice System

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C L Boydell, I A Connidis
Date Published
311 pages
This book provides an introductory analysis of the Canadian criminal justice system as a complex social process and reviews representative Canadian criminal justice research.
Part I, an overview of the social systems approach to criminal justice research, focuses on the broader societal context and social control network of which the criminal justice system is a part. Part II concentrates on criminal law, which defines the acts with which the criminal justice system deals and its formal procedures, and includes articles on the formulation of criminal laws, the basic principles of criminal law, and an introduction to criminal law. Part III focuses on policing and contains articles on detectives, attitudes of the police toward criminal justice, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the future direction of the criminal justice system, and a survey of the Canadian police. Part IV examines court decisionmaking and includes articles on prosecutors, plea bargaining, the role of defense lawyers in sentencing, and new directions in sentencing. Part V reviews the consequences and implications of the criminal justice system's evolution into an increasingly complex bureaucracy. Articles on restitution, private security, Canadian research on natives in the criminal justice system, corporate crime, and conflicts as property are included. A chart showing the procedure in the treatment of criminal behavior in Canada is also included.