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Canadian Police Chief Magazine, Spring-Summer 2012

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Canadian Police Chief Magazine Dated: Spring/Summer 2012 Pages: 1-26
Laurie Blake
Date Published
May 2012
26 pages
Feature articles present the results of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Ethics Survey and a statement of the policing philosophy of the new Chief of Police for Ottawa, the Nation's capitol.
"The CACP Ethics Survey" conducted online in 2012 drew just over 10,000 responses from 31 agencies across the country. The survey asked officers to assess management practices, work environments, agency programs working conditions, supervision, decisionmaking, and community engagement. Based on an analysis of the responses, the CACP developed 52 recommendations. The responses indicated that officers care about their agency's reputation, rated highly the integrity of their supervisors and colleagues, would report a colleague who engaged in misconduct, were highly committed to their organization, considered that their supervisors were doing a good job, their agencies could do better in supporting their personnel, and their senior management personnel should indicate the underlying ethical justification for their decisions. Major CACP recommendations are briefly explained. "Everyone Matters: Chief Charles Bordeleau" presents the policing philosophy of the New Chief of Police of the Ottawa Police Services. Bordeleau believes that none of his concerns can be addressed through the traditional "tough on crime" approach. He says, "We must absolutely focus on the continuum of law enforcement: an approach where we enforce the law, then stabilize the situation, and from there build toward strong and lasting solutions with our community." He goes on to say that "We must not forget about prevention either or about police involvement in calls for people with mental health issues." "This is an area where we need to work to understand the scope of the challenges we have in our community." This issue also provides information on the 2012 CACP Conference to be held in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, August 19-22, 2012. The exhibitor list for the conference is provided, along with the floor plan for the trade show.