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Case Histories in Alcohol Policy

NCJ Number
Joel Streicker
Date Published
October 2000
192 pages
This book presented and described case histories of seven organizations across the United States whose goals and objectives was to reduce alcohol-related problems, specifically violence and injury within their communities.
Seven case history sites from across the country were selected by the Trauma Foundation in California to illustrate how communities have come together to confront alcohol-related problems and reduce violence and injury. The diverse case histories presented included: (1) Preventing Alcohol-Related Trauma in Salinas (PARTS) California; (2) Bi-Cultural Organization for Leadership Development (BOLD) San Antonio, Texas; (3) The Community Wellness Partnership (CWP) Pomona, California; (4) Action on Alcohol and Teens (AAT) Minnesota; (5) Maryland Underage Drinking Prevention Coalition (MUDPC); (6) Gallup, New Mexico; and (7) The Vote-Dry Movement Chicago, Illinois. The presentation of these case histories was intended as a way to capture the complexity of community efforts and document community-based action. This volume was an attempt to bridge the gap between community action and research. By illustrating how communities have mobilized to confront alcohol-related problems, these case histories breathe life into research problems. Varying degrees of the policy implications of research were demonstrated in these case histories. Research has played a key role in social transformation within some cases. Appendix