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Case Series of Abused or Neglected Elders Treated by an Interdisciplinary Geriatric Team

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Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect Volume: 10 Issue: 3/4 Dated: 1999 Pages: 131-139
Carmel B. Dyer; Justine Barth; Betty Portal; David J. Hyman; Valory N. Pavlik; Kathleen Murphy; Mary S. Gleason
Date Published
9 pages
Cases of nine abused or neglected elders are described that involved interdisciplinary geriatric team assessment and intervention at the Harris County Hospital in Texas.
Data obtained using the Standard Geriatric Assessment, the Mini-Mental State Examination, and the Activities of Daily Living Index were analyzed by the hospital's Interdisciplinary Geriatric Assessment and Intervention Team (IGAIT). The IGAIT accumulated a case series of nine abused or neglected elders. Each patient was evaluated, and the targeted intervention improved function and cognition and interrupted the cycle of abuse or neglect. Findings suggested that a program of comprehensive geriatric assessment and intervention by an interdisciplinary team may be a possible approach to the problem of elder abuse and neglect. Case examples of abuse and self-neglect are described. 14 references and 1 table