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Case Study of Executive Security: A Guide for Planning and Implementing a Private Sector Security Program

NCJ Number
Journal of Security Administration Volume: 26 Issue: 1 Dated: June 2003 Pages: 39-47
Clyde L. Cronkhite
Date Published
June 2003
9 pages
Based on a case study of an evaluation of security needs and the implementation of a security program for a multibillion-dollar financial institution, this article presents guidelines for planning and implementing a private-sector security program.
The recommendations presented in this security report focus on the protection of an organization's chairman of the board, president/chief executive officer, and their families. The recommendations are intended to prevent them from being vulnerable targets for robberies, kidnappings, and extortions by criminals or political extremists. The report divides security into three major stages: basic security requirements; security requirements when public exposure to the financial status of the executive officers or the business transactions of the organization dictate an increased risk of kidnapping, robbery, or physical retaliation; and when there is an actual threat of physical harm to the executive officers or conditions dictate a high probability of such harm. In addition, the report divides the protection of the executive officers into five primary areas: security while at the executive office building; protection at the residence of the chief executive officer (CEO) and chairman of the board; security while being transported by vehicles; protection while being transported by aircraft; and security at locations other than the executive office or residences. In addition to the operations outlined in this report, the author recommends that the CEO and the chairman of the board participate in the Executive Protection Training Program being planned for all the organization's executive staff. This program will include instruction in the steps to take if an executive or his/her family is kidnapped.