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CB Radio Prostitution - Technology and the Displacement of Deviance (From Gender Issues, Sex Offenses, and Criminal Justice - Current Trends, P 71-87, 1984, Sol Chaneles, ed. - See NCJ-96412)

NCJ Number
J Luxenburg; L Klein
Date Published
17 pages
Citizens band (CB) radio prostitution and pimping are a relatively new form of prostitution, which displaces prostitution from the city streets to the interstate highways.
This form of prostitution is a modified version of the wagon-yard prostitution of 19th century America. Study data came from unobtrusive observations and eavesdropping in four locations in Oklahoma. Informant interviews provided additional information. The CB prostitute has common features with other types of prostitutes as well as some uniqueness in her method. She entices truckers over the CB airwaves through her ability to communicate her desirability. CB pimps appear to provide the roles of protector, legal liaison, and procurer of drugs, as well as several other minor roles. When efforts to control CB prostitution at one rest area failed, the authorities closed the rest area. Other solutions should be explored. Two notes and 19 references are supplied.