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CCJ/COSCA Court Security Handbook-Ten Essential Elements for Court Security and Emergency Preparedness

NCJ Number
Date Published
June 2010
166 pages
This handbook from the Conference of Chief Justices and the Conference of State Court Administrators Joint Committee on Court Security and Emergency Preparedness presents 10 essential elements for court security and emergency preparedness.
The handbook contains 10 primary chapters that discuss in detail the 10 essential elements for court safety and security. These elements were developed following a survey of judges and court administrators. These 10 elements are defined as 1) Element 1 - Operational Security and the need for 100 percent compliance with standard operating procedures; 2) Element 2 - Facility Security Planning - the need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the physical structure of the courtroom in order to best protect the courtroom's inhabitants; 3) Element 3 - Emergency Preparedness and Response: continuity of operations during natural or manmade disasters that includes greater awareness and identification of command structure, protocols, and communication routes; 4) Element 4 - Disaster Recovery - having a plan in place for the recovery of lost or vulnerable electronic and other hard copy information; 5) Element 5 - Threat Assessment - the identification of serious threats in order to prepare for the proper protective actions; 6) Element 6 - Incident Reporting - the development of appropriate incident report forms that collect data on intelligence and funding needs; 7) Element 7 - Funding - the need for adequate funding levels for needed equipment and properly trained personnel; 8) Element 8 - Security Equipment and Costs - having updated and readily available information on available technology its costs; 9) Element 9 - Resources and Partnerships - the development of strong and effective partnerships among state courts, law enforcement, and county commissioners; and 10) Element 10 - New Courthouse Design - the need for incorporating up-to-date physical safety measures in new courthouses under construction. Figures and appendixes