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Chemical Castration: MPA Treatment of the Sexual Offender

NCJ Number
American Journal of Criminal Law Volume: 18 Issue: 1 Dated: (Fall 1990) Pages: 1-60
E A Fitzgerald
Date Published
60 pages
The class of sexual offenders known as paraphiliacs can be treated with an antiandrogenic drug called Medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) which chemically castrates the offender. The paraphiliac offender undergoing this treatment is no longer motivated to commit sex offenses and is more amenable to psychotherapy that can enable him to reintegrate into the community.
MPA treatment will minimize the offender's commitment as a sexual psychopath and allow him to continue his rehabilitation. Treatment with MPA could also be considered an acceptable condition for probation. Despite the lack of information on MPA's long-term effect, the convicted offender has the capacity to give his informed consent to receive the treatment. MPA treatment does not violate the offender's constitutional rights which guarantee his mental and bodily automony and integrity, his right against cruel and unusual punishment, or his right to privacy. Finally, MPA treatment comports with the goals of the criminal justice system which are both retributive and rehabilitative. 485 notes