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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Project in an Hispanic Community (From Educator's Guide To Preventing Child Sexual Abuse, P 114-121, 1986, Mary Nelson and Kay Clark, eds. -- See NCJ-104251)

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G A Crisci; M I Torres
Date Published
8 pages
This article describes the planning, implementation, and evaluation of a sexual abuse prevention program for Hispanic children presented as part of the Massachusetts Migrant Education Program, which is a supplemental summer education program for the children of migrant farm workers, who are mostly Puerto Rican.
Sexual abuse project staff trained teachers to present the curriculum to the children. Planning involved an informal needs assessment conducted with parents, teachers, social service providers, and community liaisons. The curriculum focused on support systems (formal and informal), privacy, the touch continuum, and assertiveness. Each aspect of the curriculum was tailored to Hispanic cultural values and structures. The program implementation consisted of the drafting of curriculum activities, the presentation of activities to parents for feedback, the use of the activity in the classroom, and a series of reviews with parents of children's responses to the activities. The evaluation consisted of interviews with participants aged 3-7 to determine their comprehension of the topics covered. The children displayed a high level of comprehension of the topics. 3 references.