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Child Victims of Sex Offenses and the Criminal Justice System Proceedings of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, United States Department of Justice Colloquium, 1980, Elkridge, Maryland

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D W Lloyd
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Discussions and recommendations are presented from a colloquium on the effectiveness of the criminal justice system in dealing with child victims of sex offenses, and a packet of materials issued by the Children's Hospital National Medical Center deals with child sexual victimization.
The discussions at the colloquium examined the philosophical bases for dealing with child sexual abuse through the criminal justice system and the aspects of the criminal justice system detrimental to the child victim. Attention was given to relations with the victim in the investigation, pretrial procedures, trial, and sentence outcome. Participants generally agreed that the training and sensitivity of criminal justice personnel is crucial in determining the impact of criminal justice processing on the child victim. Recommendations are offered for improving the criminal justice response to child victims. The packet of materials on child sexual abuse includes a site visit report on the Child Sexual Abuse Victim Assistance Project sponsored by the Childrens Hospital National Medical Center, a project designed to integrate case management procedures between the various social and service systems contacting child sexual abuse cases. Other materials in the packet include a schedule for a conference entitled 'Sexual Victimization of Children: Trauma, Trial and Treatment,' a booklet on dealing with child sexual abuse, addresses of child sexual abuse treatment programs, a special report on child sexual abuse from the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, and descriptions of statewide networks and the nongovernmental component of the National Victim/Witness Strategy Program. Assorted other materials on child sexual abuse are also included in the packet.