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Clandestine Tactics and Technology - A Technical and Background Intelligence Data Service, Volume 2

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478 pages
Designed to provide police executives and their operating personnel with technical intelligence data about terrorists' illegal tactics and equipment, this volume evaluates countermeasure procedures and hardware.
Update reports covering 1976 discuss terror and counterterror in southern Africa, a Croatian skyjacking, New York City department store bombings, right-wing terrorism, terrorist murders in Iran, and activities of the Palestinian Liberation organization, as well as terrorism in the Republic of Ireland. Also examined are terrorism on Corsica, terrorism in Argentina and Rhodesia, Cuban insurgents in Africa, embassy security in Athens (Greece), security at Lod Airport (Israel), and bombings in the United States. In addition, Italian kidnappings, antinuclear radicals, assassinations, hostage negotiations, terrorism in West Germany, a Japanese Red Army hijacking, and the Weather Underground are examined. Technical notes analyze improvised/modified small arms used by terrorists, while tactics and countermeasure briefs review the dynamics of terrorism, options and alternatives in hostage negotiations, planning for executive protection, and organization and tactics of the sustained response group (SURGE) to threats and acts of terrorism. A section on group and area studies includes a report on Cuba, an analysis of women as terrorists, and a selected bibliography of over 100 textbooks of political violence. The volume also has a training key explaining the proper response of police officers at the scene of a hostage incident; a congressional report on internal security laws; notes on the European experience with terrorism; and a journal on crisis management, movement security, terrorism, and body armor. Diagrams, references, and footnotes are supplied. For separate sections of this report, see NCJ 76452-61. For other volumes in this series, see NCJ 77151-53.


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