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Cleaning Firearms

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This sound-slide audiovisual program describes cleaning procedures for revolvers, semiautomatic weapons, and shotguns.
The single greatest cause of firearms malfunction is poor maintenance. On the firing range, improperly maintained weapons may adversely affect the accuracy or dependability of officers; performance on the street, improperly maintained firearms may actually cost officers their lives. Since residue is deposited on the cylinder, the barrel, and other parts of weapons every time they are fired, weapons must be cleaned after each use. Step-by-step cleaning procedures should be followed. The basic equipment for cleaning is a basic firearms cleaning kit (one designed specifically for the caliber firearms being used), a toothbrush for cleaning exterior surfaces, and a dentist's probe for cleaning the most inaccessible surfaces. Cleaning sites are recommended. Weapons used on the firing range should be cleaned there. Officers cleaning weapons at home should use the basement or workshop, or, if these accommodations are not available, the kitchens. After the weapons are cleaned, they should be run though the recommended service checks. Steps for cleaning, oiling, and reassembling the weapons are given. No supplementary materials are provided.