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Coalitions and Drug Testing: At-Home, In-School, At-Work

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12 pages
This paper discusses drug testing at home, in schools, and at work, focusing on how drug testing within these environments fit into drug abuse prevention and intervention efforts.
Following a description of the basics of drug testing, the paper focuses on at-home drug testing. A point and counterpoint section addresses the major concerns involved with at-home drug testing, such as issues with family trust, and advises on how to talk to family members about drug testing. The section on drug testing in schools describes the essential components of well-crafted student drug testing programs, which include comprehensive and inclusive policies that outline specific steps to ensure compliance and standardized data collection. The type of help that anti-drug community coalitions can offer in terms of school-based drug testing are enumerated and include education for administrators, help obtaining data from police, and help ensuring collection procedures are legally and accurately followed. Many businesses and other types of employers use drug testing programs in the workplace; the main questions facing employers who are considering implementing at-work drug testing programs are considered, including information about how coalitions can help. Also offered in this paper is a discussion about the legal precedence for workplace and student drug testing and a listing of potential drug testing funding sources. Resources