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Cocaine and Crack: Back From the Abyss (Video)

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This videocassette illustrates how addiction to cocaine affects the mind and the body.
The first part of this video is entitled “The Chase” and it is comprised of testimonials from recovered cocaine addicts. They describe how they felt when they used cocaine and discuss what addiction is like. One person describes addiction as falling down an abyss. The narrator of the video explains how cocaine is grown and how it made its way to the United States. The history of its use in America is discussed, as well as how the law responds to the use of this substance. Once crack cocaine was introduced, the epidemic of crack cocaine use took hold, spreading across America at a feverish pace. Next, cocaine’s effects on the body are described including the drugs’ effect on the central nervous system, the respiratory system, and the cardiovascular system. Finally, in this first section the incidence of relapse is discussed as very likely for recovering cocaine addicts. In the second part of the video, entitled “Fighting Back,” the narrator and recovering addicts provide viewers with tips and tools to help in the recovery from cocaine addiction. They describe how to get through cravings and identify the triggers that lead to cocaine cravings and use. The importance of seeking help and making real life changes is underscored if one is to recover from cocaine addiction.