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Colorado Department of Corrections Statistical Report: Fiscal Year 2008

NCJ Number
Maureen L. O'Keefe; Bonnie L. Barr
Date Published
59 pages
This Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOCs) statistical report for fiscal year 2008 provides data on adult prison admissions, prison releases, inmate population characteristics, parole population characteristics, and rates of return to prison.
Data show there has been a 75-percent increase in CDOC's jurisdictional population from fiscal year (FY) 1999 to FY 2008. Although the CDOC population continues to grow each year, much of that growth is attributable to increases in the parole population. The growth in the inmate population was lower in FY 2008 than in over a decade. One table presents the breakdown for the average daily population for State and private prisons, jail backlog, jail contracts, and community corrections for 5 years. The construction of new prison space and contracts for private prison beds have significantly reduced, over time, the number of offenders held in jails awaiting bed space (jail backlog). The data indicate that both the sentence rate and the incarceration rate are exceeding Colorado's population growth, although there has been some stabilization in the sentence rate for the past 3 years. Over the period of 10 years, the sentence rate has increased 28 percent, and the incarceration rate has increased 32 percent. In contrast, the Colorado population has increased only 19 percent over this same period. Data on adult prison admissions address offender demographic characteristics, sentencing, length of stay, habitual offender commitments, lifetime sex offender supervision commitments, and needs levels of court commitments. Data on prison releases cover release types, time served in prison, and characteristics of inmate releases. Data on inmate population characteristics pertain to custody classification, most serious offense, population characteristics by facility, inmate profile, and incidents and escapes. 10 figures, 41 tables, and appended facility populations and security levels as of June 30, FY 1999-2008, and operational capacity by facility as of June 30, FY 1999-2008