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Commonwealth of Virginia: Roadmap for Evidence-Based Practices in Community Corrections

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Kristy Pierce-Danford; Meghan Guevara
Date Published
141 pages
This report from the Crime and Justice Institute presents a guide for implementing evidence-based practices in a community corrections setting.
This guide from the Crime and Justice Institute was developed through the collaborative work of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services and the Virginia Community Criminal Justice Association to assist local probation and pretrial agencies in successfully implementing evidence-based practices (EBPs). Agencies that use EBPs are able to effectively serve their clients through the use of screening and assessment tools to guide their decisionmaking processes. This guide is intended for use by agencies in the State of Virginia that would like to become or continue to be evidence-based organizations. The guide is presented in seven sections: 1) an introduction to the use of evidence-based practices; 2) the State of Virginiafs application of the integrated model; 3) steps for conducting an assessment of the organization; 4) steps for developing strategic plans and workplans; 5) an overview of quality assurance and 10 steps for developing a quality assurance plan; 6) techniques for facilitating and managing change in the organization; and 7) guidance on effective collaboration and teamwork among all stakeholders. Figures