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Community Work Service With Felons - A Guide to Developing New Local Programs (From Dakota County District Court Community Work Service Demonstration Project - Final Report, 1982 - See NCJ-89542)

NCJ Number
J Worel; D Wynne; R Kigin
Date Published
Based on an 18-month demonstration program in Dakota County, Minn., this guide presents practical suggestions for developing an organized, local community work service program.
Persons interested in starting a program first should list all relevant factors that may support or impede the program, including all persons involved in community planning and community attitudes. An assessment should be made of the need for this sentencing option and the ways it could be helpful to the community, such as benefits for offenders, benefits to victims, and benefits to the criminal justice system. The guide outlines steps to take in administrative and community planning and discusses program planning. Program planning must define the program's purpose and the specific outcomes or objectives desired. The guide also discusses the integration of felony work service programs with other work service and restitution programs which may be operating in local jurisdictions. Other sections explain developing guidelines for client selection, organizing resources to support community work service, administering the program, determining community work service sentences, developing work sites, and building community support. Footnotes and sample program forms are supplied.