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Concealable Firearms Charges in California, 2000-2003

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104 pages
This report presents statistics on charges for carrying a concealed firearm and charges for carrying a loaded firearm in California for the years 2000-2003.
As of January 1, 2000, California has made it a serious crime to carry a concealed or loaded firearm without being listed with the State Department of Justice (DOJ) as the registered owner of the firearm. Assembly Bill 491 amended both Penal Code (PC) sections 12025 (carrying a concealed firearm) and 12031 (carrying a loaded firearm) to increase the number of circumstances when an offense could be charged. These sections were also amended to require district attorneys to report specified information to the attorney general about individuals charged with carrying a concealed or loaded firearm. This report complies with these requirements. The data include the gender, race/ethnicity, and age of any person charged with a felony or misdemeanor under either PC sections 12025 or 12031, as well as any other offense charged in the same complaint or indictment. The proportion of total charges for both PC sections resulted in an increase in felony filings each year since 2000. The vast majority of persons charged under these sections were male. For charges under either section, Blacks were proportionately the most likely race/ethnic group to be involved in felony filings; Whites were proportionately the least likely racial/ethnic group to be involved in a felony filing. Persons 29 years old and younger were proportionately most likely to be involved in a felony filing under both PC sections, and persons 30 years old and older were the least likely to be charged with a felony under these sections. Extensive tables and appended data characteristics and known limitations, a list of charges, and a criminal justice glossary