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Concept of Combating Terrorism in Ukraine: Organizational and Legal Aspects

NCJ Number
Internal Security Volume: 5 Issue: 2 Dated: July-December 2013 Pages: 141-152
Sergey Butkevich
Date Published
December 2013
12 pages
The article presents the formulation and implementation of the Concept of combating terrorism in Ukraine. In the paper, the author analyses the administrative and legal aspects of the formation and development of the national anti-terrorism legislation, the objectives and principles of combating terrorism, criminal and administrative responsibility for offenses of terrorist nature, law enforcement and other state agencies authorized to participate in combating terrorism, etc.
Through the prism of national security problematic issues of preventing and combating terrorism in Ukraine are studied. Emphasis is placed on strategic programs of combating terrorism, as well as the legal framework of the organization and conduct of antiterrorist operations by law enforcement agencies. Based on the conducted analysis, the ways to further improvement of certain provisions of anti-terrorism legislation of Ukraine were proposed. Such areas of implementation of the concept of combating terrorism in Ukraine, as a warning of terrorist activity; detection and suppression of terrorist activities, elimination and minimization of consequences of terrorist activities, informational, scientific and other support to fight against terrorism, international cooperation on combating terrorism were characterized in detail. Based on this analysis, the real and potential threats of terrorist nature to the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, legitimate interests of society and the state were determined. In addition, the author proves the priority of preventive actions and measures to combat terrorism, the need to eliminate (minimize) the effects of terrorist activities, the importance of preventing and combating the financing of terrorism. This scientific paper has not only theoretical, but also considerable practical importance for the further development of the national anti-terrorism legislation. The research provides a holistic view of the existing problems in the doctrine of preventing and combating terrorism in the context of the current political and economic development of Ukraine, existing threats to national and international security. (Published Abstract)