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Construction of a Library of Cloned Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Alleles as Universal Templates for Allelic Ladder Preparation

NCJ Number
Forensic Science International Genetics Volume: 12 Dated: September 2014 Pages: 136-143
Le Wang; Xing-Chun Zhao; Jian Ye; Jin-Jie Liu; Ting Chen; Xue Bai; Jian Zhang; Yuan Ou; Lan Hu; Bo-Wei Jiang; Feng Wang
Date Published
September 2014
8 pages
This article describes the features and functions of a newly devised library of cloned STR alleles.
Although the library encompasses the X and Y alleles for Amelogenin and 259 alleles of 22 widely used autosomal loci, further expansion of the library for other STR loci is currently underway. The plasmids constructed bear long flanking sequences on both sides of core repeats, so the library is not tailored for a single primer set, but is suitable for various primers in different multiplex systems. More than 100 new repeat structures from 15 STR loci were identified in the current work, extending knowledge of these loci substantially. Specifically, the current project discovered that repeat structures for D13S317 alleles are more complicated than expected. Some rare alleles were identified, including alleles 14 and 27 of D12S391, allele 4 of D19S433, and allele 13 of D17S974. These rare alleles would contribute to accurate genotyping. The repeat structures reported in this work could be used as reference sequences to assist next-generation-system (NGS) -based STR data analysis, and recombinant plasmids have the potential of being used as reference material to verify concordance between capillary electrophoresis-generated and NGS-generated STR data. 2 tables, 4 figures, and 24 references