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Conversion to the Sig Sauer 9mm

NCJ Number
Law and Order Volume: 36 Issue: 11 Dated: (November 1988) Pages: 49-53
J D Boyle; M Uyeda
Date Published
5 pages
In 1986, the Sacramento Police Department, Calif.; conducted an evaluation of officer firearms needs.
The evaluation considered the performance of the issued duty revolver and ammunition, considered the need to provide officers with a weapon capable of incapacitating armed assailants, and examined current trends in law enforcement. In addition, a variety of revolvers and semiautomatic pistols were evaluated. It was concluded from these evaluations, that the 9-mm semiautomatic pistols offered a viable alternative to the previously selected .357-magnum revolver. As a consequence, performance tests were conducted with nine semiautomatic pistols made by six different companies. All the pistols exhibited excellent accuracy and feeding reliability. Final stage testing focused on the Beretta Model 92F and Sig Sauer P226. Actions of both were smooth and comfortable. Both had about 12 pound trigger pulls on double action. The Sig Sauer required only 4.4 pounds on single action, as compared to 6 pounds for the Beretta. This difference, coupled with the absence of an external safety that could impede use of the pistol by officers under stress, led to the selection of the Sig Sauer. Testing of ammunition for muzzle velocity, penetration, expansion, muzzle flash, and recoil resulted in selection of Winchester-Western 115 grain silvertip hollowpoint rounds. A 2-day training program was developed to familiarize officers with the weapon's design, operation, care and maintenance; shooting basics; and safety rules. Malfunction exercises, close combat techniques, and shot placement and fire control also were covered. Photographs.


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