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Coping With AIDS. Coping With ARC (AIDS-Related Complex): A Series of Handbooks for People With AIDS

NCJ Number
B Nunes; C Frutchey; P Castro; G Gee; L Maxey; B Reynolds; D Turner
Date Published
26 pages
A brochure and a pamphlet provide information on AIDS, AIDS-related complex (ARC), and coping with the diagnosis and its aftermath.
The AIDS brochure describes the cause of AIDS and ARC and the major modes of transmission. It discusses the necessary diagnostic tests and describes initial reactions to a positive diagnosis. The implications of the diagnosis for subsequent sexual behavior are noted. The importance of support systems in coping with the illness is emphasized. Advice on coping also is provided by three AIDS victims. The brochure on ARC covers the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of ARC. Sources of stress associated with ARC and ways of managing stress are discussed. Additional discussion focuses on work, sex, and disclosure of the diagnosis. The importance of support from lovers, family friends, and support groups is noted. A definition of ARC and resource list are appended.


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