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Cops: The Men and Women Behind the Badge

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S Gellman
Date Published
288 pages
Observations, reviews of records of the police department of Tuscon, Ariz., interviews, and tape recordings form the basis of this description of the experiences before, during, and after training of one class of police recruits who started their formal training at the Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy in January 1985.
The text presents first-person accounts of the experiences and viewpoints of these police officers during the selection and qualifying process, more than 6 months of Academy and field training, and their first 5 years as police officers. Details are presented regarding the daily work of urban police, encounters with suspects and members of the general public, the effects of police work on the police officer's personal life, and the reasons for choosing or leaving police work. Feelings and experiences related to the use of deadly force, the handling of domestic violence, traffic law enforcement, and interactions with victims and witnesses are also presented. List of police radio codes