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Corporate America's Hidden Cocaine Crisis

NCJ Number
Working Woman Dated: (March 1986) Pages: 122-124,126,128,145
L Olson
Date Published
6 pages
This article discusses the epidemic proportions of cocaine use among young corporate executives employees, the vulnerability of women to cocaine abuse, and corporate strategies for coping with employee drug abuse.
Statistics concerning the scope and costs of cocaine abuse in the United States emphasize its image as a glamour drug and symbol of success for white-collar, baby-boom generation professionals. Cocaine's ability to give its users a feeling of control, of performing well, of being smarter and more confident is cited as the reason for its popularity. Cocaine may be particularly appealing to many working women who often have a deep sense of insecurity and low self-esteem regardless of their success. The article explores how some companies may use cocaine to attract business and reward employees. The cycle of cocaine addiction and its effects on the body and mind are described. Also covered are the high costs of cocaine use to abusers and the drug's hidden costs to businesses in terms of bad judgments, absenteeism, and low productivity. Coping strategies for corporations address policies on the use of drugs and alcohol, treatment through employee assistance plans, and identifying cocaine abusers among upper level employees.


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