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Corporate Fraud - The Basics of Prevention and Detection

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J Bologna
Date Published
219 pages
This primer on fraud auditing suggests some means of detection.
Auditing for fraud is more an intuitive process than a formal analytical methodology. Skill depends on the right mindset. The good fraud auditor is an innovative and creative thinker who possesses doggedness, persistence, and self-confidence. Information and advice are given about the nature of presentday corporate fraud; fraud investigation in the era of electronic data processing; defenses against corporate fraud, theft, and embezzlement; and auditing for inventory shrinkage in manufacturing organizations. Fraud case studies and some personal reflections on fraud cases are provided. Appendixes include incidents of corporate fraud, a corporate fraud environment checklist, a glossary of computer fraud techniques and countermeasures, and a glossary of words and phrases with fraud implications. A bibliography and index are included.