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Cost of Substance Abuse in Wyoming 2010

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Nanette M. Nelson, M.S.; Muneyuki Kato, M.A.; Humphrey Costello, M.A.
Date Published
77 pages
This report presents estimates of the economic impacts of substance abuse in the State of Wyoming.
This report is a cost of illness (COI) analysis of alcohol, tobacco, illicit drug abuse, prescription drug abuse, and mental health in the State of Wyoming. This document contains 11 sections: sections 1, 2, and 3 provide an executive summary, a table of acronyms used throughout the report, and an introduction; section 4 describes the methods used in conducting the COI analysis; section 5 presents estimates of the direct costs of substance abuse to Wyoming's health care system; section 6 covers productivity losses resulting from substance abuse; section 7 addresses crime costs from substance abuse; section 8 addresses other costs from substance abuse, including motor vehicle crashes and fire damage; section 9 summarizes the total costs of substance abuse; section 10 contains citations for reference material used in this report; and section 11 consists of appendices that contain additional detailed information associated with this analysis. Tables, figures, and appendixes