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Crack: What You Should Know About the Cocaine Epidemic

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C Chatlos
Date Published
111 pages
This overview of crack (smokable rocks of cocaine) discusses the effects of crack, symptoms of addiction, treatment options, the connection between crack and crime, and combating crack abuse both at the community and parental level.
A survey of current trends in crack abuse emphasizes that this drug is more addictive than heroin, easier to get than marijuana, and more potent than cocaine powder. The book describes cocaine's effects on the mind and body, with attention to its serious adverse effects. Stories from five teenagers who live in affluent suburban neighborhoods demonstrate crack's effects on adolescents. The process of addiction that results from drug abuse is outlined, and a self-administered test to determine drug addiction is provided. The authors explain how individuals or 'enablers' unconsciously allow another person's addiction to progress by refusing to acknowlege and accept it. The stages of abuse that teenagers go through in developing a full-blown addiction are identified as warning signals. Other areas covered include choosing the right treatment program, patterns of crack trafficking, and teaching children and teens to say no to crack. Photographs, toll-free numbers for drug abuse information, resource lists, and approximately 100 references.