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Crime and the Criminal Justice System in New Jersey: A Public Information Booklet

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This public information booklet presents information on New Jersey crime patterns; the New Jersey criminal justice system; and current New Jersey criminal justice developments, issues, and trends.
Information on crime in New Jersey addresses the size and nature of the crime problem, including the collections and reporting of crime statistics, arrest statistics, and national/State crime comparisons. An overview of the various responsibilities, functions, and agencies of the New Jersey criminal justice system encompasses law enforcement, prosecution and defense, the courts, probation, corrections, and parole. Information on each agency includes workload size and nature, staff size, and budget. Current New Jersey criminal justice developments, issues, and trends encompass prison overcrowding, the Prison Construction Bond Act, county assistance program, community supervision program, persons under correctional supervision in New Jersey, citizen involvement, and victim involvement in the criminal justice system. Other issues discussed are the Office of Victim-Witness Advocacy; the Violent Crimes Compensation Board; victim impact statements; drug education, prevention, and enforcement initiatives; and capital punishment. Chapter references.