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Crime and Justice: A Review of Research, Volume 39

NCJ Number
Michael Tonry
Date Published
658 pages
Essays in this volume of the series, "Crime and Justice: A Review of Research" discuss research and policies on policing, drug policies' impact on drug prices, sex offender recidivism, cases of racial disparity in American criminal justice, school crime, how neighborhood change influences crime, the regulation of prison conditions, and rape and attrition in the legal systems of five countries.
"Community and Problem-Oriented Policing" reviews the Federal Government's promotion of these policing philosophies and practices, as well as their impact on crime and disorder. Police Organization Continuity and Change: Into the Twenty-first Century" reviews the change and continuity in American policing, with a focus on reforms related to community policing and terrorism-oriented policing. "Sex Offender Recidivism" considers major shifts in the perception of sex offender recidivism over the past 30 years, as well as increased interest in public and professional domains. "How Drug Enforcement Affects Drug Prices" notes that drug prices for cocaine and heroin have fallen even as drug laws have become stricter. Various law-enforcement models are used to explain this paradox. "The Social, Psychological, and Political Causes of Racial Disparities in the American Criminal Justice System" bases these disparities in the use of police discretion and resource allocations shaped by distinctive sociological, psychological, and political features of American race relations. "School Crime Control and Prevention" presents a statistical analysis of trends in school-related crime and suggests ways to improve school security. "Neighborhood Change and Crime in the Modern Metropolis" examines how growth, change, and decline affect neighborhood crime rates. "Regulation of Prison Conditions" addresses how prison conditions are monitored and improved through international efforts. "Rape and Attrition in the Legal Process: A Comparative Analysis of Five Countries" argues that despite legal reforms, there has been little improvement in the five criminal justice systems' management of rape cases. Chapter tables, figures, and references