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Crime Gun Trace Analysis Report: The Illegal Youth Firearms Market in Inglewood, CA

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33 pages
Based on crime guns for which trace requests were submitted to the National Tracing Center (NTC) during the period of July 1, 1996, through April 30, 1997, this report provides statistics on firearms in Inglewood, Calif., associated with illegal possession or activity.
This report is part of the Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative, a 17-city demonstration project aimed at reducing youth firearms violence. For the purpose of this project, a "crime gun" is defined as "any firearm that is illegally possessed, used in a crime, or suspected by enforcement officials of being used in a crime." As part of providing crime gun trace information for a 10-month period, this report contains analyses of requests for crime gun traces; analyses of successful NTC traces; analysis of incomplete traces; and analyses by adult, youth, and juvenile age categories. For the study period, Inglewood had 126 crime gun trace requests to the NTC; of these, 92 (73.02 percent) possessors were identified. A total of 83 requests involved the determination of the possessor's age; there were 58 adult (25 years of age and over) trace requests, 24 youth (18-24 years old) trace requests, and 1 juvenile (17 years old and under) trace request. An analysis of trace requests by type of firearm shows that the semiautomatic pistol was the most frequently traced firearm for adults and youth: 30 for adults and 17 for youth. A revolver was the firearm used in the one trace for a juvenile. Another table shows the top 10 crime guns requested for tracing by type, manufacturer, and caliber. Firearms offenses was the crime type most often associated with trace requests for adults and youth: 33 for adults and 9 for youth. The offense for the one juvenile trace was burglary/theft/fraud. The number of successful traces was 28 for adults, 14 for youth, 1 for juveniles, and 54 for all ages. Other data reported show time-to-crime rates for the top 10 crime guns requested for tracing by type, manufacturer, and caliber, as well as the most frequent source-State for successfully traced crime guns; the top State was California for all age categories. General findings are discussed for all the participating communities and for local illegal firearms markets.