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Crime Prevention and Corrections in the Philippines

NCJ Number
Police Studies Volume: 13 Issue: 4 Dated: special issue (Winter 1990) Pages: 136-138
G P Gayon
Date Published
3 pages
Recommended crime prevention measures to be considered by authorities in the Philippines include eliminating adverse social conditions; reducing opportunities for crimes to be committed; and improving the ability of the criminal justice system to detect, apprehend, judge, and rehabilitate criminals.
One essential element in improving police effectiveness is reducing response time through developing command-and-control systems for metropolitan departments, installing police callboxes for public use, and creating single telephone numbers for each large department. Philippine courts would become more efficient in processing criminal cases with the establishment of a second Grand Jury. Stricter gun control laws, juvenile delinquency prevention programs, and general police-initiated crime prevention efforts could reduce the opportunities for crime. While the Philippine correctional system differs greatly from that in the United States, there is a growing movement toward rehabilitation of adult and juvenile offenders.