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Crime Prevention in the United Kingdom From Start to Go

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Canadian Journal of Criminology Volume: 31 Issue: 4 Dated: (October 1989) Pages: 513-526
K Heal
Date Published
14 pages
This article identifies the impetus for social change in the United Kingdom that has led to crime prevention efforts and describes the crime-prevention foundation that has been established in recent years; crime prevention issues still needing to be addressed are identified.
Policy reports and research in the United Kingdom have touted the value of crime prevention such that the concept of police working in cooperation with the community to prevent crime has gained increased popularity. A foundation for crime prevention activity was laid in the formation of the Home Office Crime Prevention Unit, which sponsored and encouraged the development of crime prevention demonstration projects and the replication of programs with proven success. The Department of Health and Social Security is exploring ways to reduce crime at hospitals and other health service premises, and the Department of the Environment is also focusing on crime prevention. Local crime prevention activities have been spurred by the establishment of community crime prevention panels. Some issues yet to be addressed are the institutionalization of effective projects, crime prevention training programs that will make crime prevention a part of criminal justice professionals' job descriptions, greater cooperation between crime prevention and offender rehabilitation agencies, and the expanded involvement of the private sector in crime prevention. 12 references.