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Crime: Public Polices for Crime Control

NCJ Number
James Q. Wilson, Joan Petersilia
Date Published
720 pages
This book examines theories on crime and criminal justice.
This book describes how social science research might inform efforts to understand and control crime. The 18 essays in this book provide information about the capabilities and limitations of potential policies and strategies for addressing issues of crime. It provides policymakers with key aspects of crime along with suggestions for policy options. Policymakers make judgments about individuals accused of crime: the particulars of time, place, and circumstance surrounding a crime; the trade-offs between the factors bearing on crime; and the moral and legal bases of crime-control strategies. In order for policymakers to understand the essence of crime prevention, these essays provide scholarship on various aspects of crime prevention, including: deterring crime, crime prevention, criminal rehabilitation, biomedical factors, family schools, the labor market, the physical environment, probation and parole, crime rates, juvenile crime, the community, gun control, alcohol and drug abuse, the police, prisons, prosecution, and crime and public policy. Notes and references