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Crime in the United States 2012

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September 2013
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This home page of the Web-based FBI Uniform Crime Reports for 2012 provides access to tables on offenses known to law enforcement agencies, persons arrested, and police employee data.
For offenses known to law enforcement agencies, tables present data on violent crimes, property crimes, and offenses "closed" by arrest or exceptional means (clearances). Expanded data on offenses known to law enforcement agencies provide tables on homicides, crime trends, crime rates, and weapons used in crimes. Tables on persons arrested contain data on the age, gender, and race of arrestees for 29 separate offenses, including murder. Tables on police employees contain data on sworn officers and civilian employees. In a summary of the full report, the FBI estimates that in 2012 the number of violent crimes increased 0.7 percent, and property crimes decreased 0.9 percent for the 10th straight year. The estimated rate of violent crime was 386.9 offenses per 100,000 population, and the property crime rate was 2,869.2 offenses per 100,000 population. The violent crime rate remained virtually unchanged compared to the 2011 rate and the property crime rate declined 1.6 percent. The FBI estimated that law enforcement agencies nationwide made about 12.2 million arrests, excluding traffic violations in 2012. The arrest rate for violent crime was 166.3 per 100,000 population, and the arrest rate for property crime was 528.1 per 100,000 population. In 2012, there were 14,006 law enforcement agencies that reported their staffing levels. These agencies employed 670,439 sworn officers and 285,883 civilians, a rate of 3.4 employees per 1,000 inhabitants. Extensive tables