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Crimes Against Business: A Review of Victimisation, Predictors and Prevention

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Dorthea Blak
Date Published
79 pages
This literature review examines the prevalence and nature of crimes committed against businesses in Australia, possible causes of such crimes, and prevention strategies.
Crimes against businesses include both those committed by individuals outside the business, such as burglars and shoplifters, and those committed by employees of the business, such as fraud and theft. This literature review encompassed studies conducted overseas as well as in Australia. It first presents research findings on the nature and extent of business crime, with attention to data on victimization, reports to police, and the costs of crimes against businesses. It includes sections on vehicle theft, workplace violence, bribery/extortion/corruption, and malicious damage. Findings are presented on various types of business crime, and an overview is provided of findings from the 1999 AIC (Australian Institute of Criminology) study of crimes against small businesses in Australia. A review of possible predictors of business crime focuses on both individual and situational factors. Findings pertinent to preventing business crime come from studies of businesses' own efforts to protect themselves from crime, as well as case studies of effective crime prevention strategies. Findings on prevention are summarized in guidelines, and recommendations are offered for future research, police actions, and prevention efforts by businesses. 191 references and appended overview of survey methodologies