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CrimeSolutions Program Profile: New Jersey Community Resource Centers

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June 2011
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This Web page presents is a program profile of New Jersey's Community Resource Centers.


This Web page on the Office of Justice Programs' crimesolutions.gov Web site presents the results of an evaluation of New Jersey's Community Resource Centers. New Jersey's Community Resource Centers (CRCs) are nonresidential multiservice centers that are used to facilitate parolees' successful reintegration back into their communities. The CRCs are a community-based alternative for parolees that offer services and supervision to the parolees to ensure a more successful reentry. The evaluation presented in this report examined the ways that two community programs in New Jersey affected the recidivism rates of parolees reentering their communities. Data for the evaluation came from a sample, n=714, of parolees who were released from the NJ Department of Corrections in 2004. Parolees participated in one of two programs: Day Reporting Centers (DRC) and the Halfway Back (HWB) program. The study examined three measures of recidivism: rearrest, reconviction, and reincarceration to determine the effect of the two programs on reentry outcomes for the parolees. The evaluation found that participants in HWB had a longer time to rearrest, 456 days, followed by participants in DRC, 361 days, and those who received no assistance, 347 days. For reconviction, participants in DRCs had the lowest rate, 32 percent, compared to participants in HWB, 59 percent, and those who received no assistance, 62 percent. HWB participants had the lowest level of reincarceration, 17 percent, compared to DRC participants, 20 percent, and those who received no assistance, 39 percent.